How to be Creative: Hugh MacLeod

Not specific to comics, but a solid gold guide to making creative work.  This stuff has been invaluable me making the transition from corporate drone to livin'-the-dream creative guru :-) I've listed some of my favourites below, but I highly recommend taking the time to read them all (also these are just the titles, each one also comes with a little kick-up-the-ass essay).  Then print them out and put them above your workspace.  Or your bed.  Or both.

1. Ignore every­body.

3. Put the hours in.

13. Never com­pare your inside with some­body else’s outside.

14. Dying young is ove­rra­ted.

15. The most impor­tant thing a crea­tive per­son can learn pro­fes­sio­nally is where to draw the red line that sepa­ra­tes what you are willing to do, and what you are not.

21. Selling out is har­der than it looks.

24. Don't worry about fin­ding ins­pi­ra­tion. It comes even­tually.

30. The har­dest part of being crea­tive is get­ting used to it.