Caption 2012 writeup

Great weekend at Caption.
Sketches from the panels on on Knockabout Press, Editing Comics and Myriad Editions, and also the Phoenix panel with Robin Etherington, Patrice Aggs, Neil Cameron, Daniel Hartwell and chaired by David O'Connell

Also, Sarah McIntyre took me to SCHOOL with her sketch pages: here and here. And captured a "budding bromance," apparently.

Key thoughts (mostly actually said by or inspired by Woodrow Phoenix):

  • You can't edit your own work - you can only see your intentions, not what's actually on the page.

  • Comics editors need to be visually literate. Visual storytelling relies on page layout, composition, visual timing etc which a purely text-focussed editor can't give an informed opinion on.

  • Britain needs comics which can be read by anyone (not just the comics-literate) and which appeal to everyone. We should be striving for a culture like in Japan, where there are comics that appeal to everyone, at all ages and all walks of life.

  • I should start a monthly self-published magazine-style comic :-S Watch this space...

  • The Phoenix is a more wonderful and precious opportunity than even I had realised.