Thought Bubble here I come!

NOTE: now available online at: :-)
So I'm going to Thought Bubble this weekend to launch my new book Fever Dreams! Here's what the table is going to look like:

Pretty sweet huh? Things I'm selling include the Fever Dreams book at £8, Fever Dreams-themed postcards (they look amazing btw - they're on this incredibly thick card that just feels nice) - £1 each, which is already an amazing deal, or the whole set of 8 for £5! I have a limited number of those sweet posters at £10 apiece. Also, I'm available for commissions - ink and watercolour on swanky watercolour paper. I will happily take requests or just make up something I think is funny - £10. (I reserve the right to distort any requests in inappropriate ways for my own amusement. And yours. I hope.)

Also, in case you're wondering "where IS this guy?" here is a map with handy directions to my table:

NDHplan1 copy
Couldn't be easier. Also, The Phoenix has a table almost directly opposite, and I know they have some amazing subscription deals on, so you can also stop by there and I'll be totally happy to sign and draw something on whatever you buy from them as well :-)

Also also, you might like to read reviews of Fever Dreams from Forbidden Planet and Broken Frontier - both well written and insightful.