CorpseTalk: Ground-breaking Women
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CorpseTalk: Ground-Breaking Women

By Adam and Lisa Murphy.

Digging up history’s most famous, infamous and utterly astounding women, host Adam Murphy interrupts their eternal slumber…

…to ask them the questions no one else will dare!

  • How did Elizabeth I smash the Spanish Armada?
  • How did her diary help Anne Frank deal with despair?
  • Was Ching Shih China's coolest pirate queen?

Join your host, Adam Murphy, as he gets the answers to these questions and many more, on CorpseTalk, the show where the dead famous spill their guts!

Available in all good bookshops (all good UK bookshops that is - for purchase in North America you can get it right here.)

Empress Irene
Joan of Arc
Elizabeth I
Julie D'Aubigny
Granny Nanny

Jane Austen
Ching Shih
Princess Caraboo
Harriet Tubman
Emily Davison
Nellie Bly
Amy Johnson
Anne Frank
Josephine Baker