Long-forgotten fables, rekindled through the magic of comics!

From all over the world come eight fantastical tales positively busting with princesses, wicked kings, clever peasants and magical beings. Read the wonderful stories of...

  • The invisible Mi'kmaq warrior who longs to be seen.
  • The Punjabi hermit who has renounced riches.
  • The Brazilian princess who yearns for a playmate.

...and many more! From Adam Murphy, the creator of CorpseTalk, comes the most magical collection of myths and legends you've never heard before!



Praise for The Phoenix, home of Lost Tales

Brilliant stories!

"There is no more hotly anticipated event in our house than the arrival of another package of brilliant stories, excellent jokes, bizarre worlds, brain-squooshing puzzles and glorious colour that is the new issue of The Phoenix. And sometimes I even let the kids read it first."

Chris Addison -Comedian



"If you’re looking for a comic to read to your kids, I highly recommend The Phoenix. Beautiful, funny, brain-expanding"

Graham Linehan  - Writer and Director, known for Father Ted, The IT Crowd and Black Books

Like there's a big firework inside me!

"I don't know if you can describe how I feel when I see a new Phoenix. It's like there's a big firework inside me and it goes off, and I just have to read it." -

Mathilde, Aged 8.






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Lost Tales

Long-lost folktales from around the world, brought to life through the magic of comics.

Full colour. 64 pages.

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